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Meet Lorna

ArchWellness, founded by Lorna Douglas

Ten years ago, filled with nervousness. It was the ‘bing’ from the email alerts that would shift the ambiance. A new appointment! Here I had training beyond training and read countless education pieces, but it was the realization that I had to put it all into action. I took a deep breath and took the leap. Fast forward 10 years, ArchWellness is now walking into 2022 with innovative ideas to bridge the gap between the community and wellness.

Baby Steps

Lorna started out her journey as a licensed massage therapist in 2011. With her new achievement, she contracted with chiropractor agencies and worked as a sole proprietor to many clients in medical offices and doctor’s offices.

The Big Leap

In 2017, Lorna took the big leap and transition into her new ArchWellness business that caters to those with the need for massage therapy and skincare. Finding a specialty is usually an easy feat when working in this industry, for Lorna, it was a big challenge, yet her push into her next business shifted. There is no growth if there is no evolving. Lorna extended her services to educate those who are interested in the industry. As she taught students, she became a student herself. She attended professional development courses and workshops for lymphedema and oncology therapy. She is now a Certified Lymphedema Therapist (CLT) and trained in Oncology Esthetics and Oncology Massage. ArchWellness will feature more informationals and services that will cater to those with lymphedema and oncology ailments.

Her ‘WHY’

One principal value that ArchWellness has is the community. The gap between wellness and community understanding widened, but in this current era where the community is becoming more reflective, wellness increasingly becomes imperative. We have transitioned from solely completing an annual primary care physical visit to self-care routines being publicized all over social media platforms. ArchWellness’ s involvement in this movement includes changing services to fit the needs of the community.

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9050 Pines Blvd

Pembroke Pines, FL 33024 STE #383

(At Pembroke Pines Professional Centre)

9050 Pines Blvd ste #383, Pembroke Pines, FL 33024, USA

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Arch Wellness

9050 Pines Blvd

Pembroke Pines, FL 33024

STE #383

(At Pembroke Pines Professional Centre)

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